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Which Lights to Choose?

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Waves at Lake Mead (Love_Haight)
Waves at Lake Mead by Love_Haight


A flashlight, a cell phone, a lighter, any light source can be used to perform Light Painting!! But to get the desired results, it is better to choose the right equipment.

So what criteria to choose its lights ??


The more your flashlight will be powerful, the more you be able to work in a bright environment. That's the real only reason for having powerful tools.

 Homogeneity: The most important is to have a range of tools of the same power. If power of your tools isn't homogeneous, you will face big difficulty to setup your device so that all drawings are clear, clear, visible without saturation.

 Too low light: If your source is too low, it will not be visible, it goes without saying ...

 Strong light: If it is too strong, your device will be blinded and rendering may be completely saturated.


Monochrome or multicolored, it is the base of Light Painting having lights of many colors! All sources that you will find will not be available in all colors, ok, it's not a problem. The basic colors are usually better on the pictures, and place more easily.

 Light colors: Be careful with too pale colors sources because they are mechanically less powerful and therefore less visible on the photos ...

 Multicolored tools: It is not always useful that all your tools are multi-colored. It is much more convenient to have several different colors so that you could use the tools at the same time.

Shape and Size
With Light Painting, each light source becomes a brush, then it is better to find the most suitable! Again, everything is possible, that's the goal. Just keep in mind your what will occur when you will use your tools in 3D.

We rarely have the ability to connect AC power while taking pictures in the woods, it is therefore imperative that your light sources run on batteries. For flashlights, no problem, but for the rest of your tools will require more attention.

 What autonomy? Attention with LED systems, it consumes! Usage time strongly depends of each tools, yet it is often necessary to repeat before arriving at the desired result, be careful not to get a low battery after the second picture.

 Cells or batteries? A difficult choice! The batteries are much more convenient to use, no doubt, but the battery has at least the advantage of being more reliable, easier to replace and often more powerful.

 Voltage? Connectors? Another parameter on which we advise you to be careful, the output voltage and connectors used by your tools. Have batteries compatible with most of your tools is more convenient and allow to limit the size of your Light Painting bag.

 Any standard? We recommend use of 12V Jack, simple, cheap and very reliable.


Capability to switch On/Off a lamp easily is critical to make your own photos. For multi colored sources, possibility to switch between colors quickly during a photo is also a plus. That is why the position and type of buttons of your tools and so important.

 For drawings, Prefer sources with instantaneous trip, so that the light only comes out when you press the buton. For example, use the MicroLED

 To freeze a situation, Look for powerful lights with short duration, ideally, use a Flash

We pay great attention on selection of the most appropriate lights for practicing Light Painting, but that does not prevent you to innovate by creating your own light sources. It is also part of the game!!



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