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Build your own light bars!

In: DIY, Build your own tools On: vendredi, mars 27, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 30527
The LED strips are increasingly used nowadays for decorative lighting for example. So why not use them to make your own Light Painting tools ??

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Indirect Lighting & Superposition

In: Main Technics On: jeudi, mars 26, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 13789
For indirect lighting, we mean the fact to light an object to make it appear gradually in the photo. By illuminating or not illuminating an object, you can...

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How to make LightGraff??

In: Main Technics On: lundi, mars 23, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 22605
Whatever the light source, whatever your level, once your camera configured for long exposures, Light Graff is the basic technique of Light Painting.

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My First Photo

In: First Steps On: lundi, mars 16, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 17012
In this article we will guide you so that you can simply make your first shots. No specific theme, just happen to Light Painting as simply as possible.

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Now, with light!

In: First Steps On: lundi, mars 16, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 16090
In this article, we will learn how to adjust our camera to make Light Painting photography with ambient light.

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History of light painting

In: Introduction On: mercredi, février 25, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 28666
The light painting is not a recent phenomenon! But where does this practice comes from?

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What accessories for what practices??

In: Equipment On: mercredi, février 25, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 20863
What accessories are available?? Which practices?? And how to choose?

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What is light painting?

In: Introduction On: lundi, février 23, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 38295
Literally, the <<< i> Light Painting >> mean painting a picture with light. But then?

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