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History of light painting

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The light painting is not a recent phenomenon!



American photographer Man Ray realized several shots using this technique . This complete artist, being part of the main figure of the Surrealist movement, may be considered the inventor of Light Painting.

For more information, see this Wikipedia or a full biography on Artsy Website.


Albanians Photographer had already experimented with the complicity . This work will result in several series of pictures where you see the master Picasso realize curious characters he had the secret.

To learn more about Gjon Mili, see this on wikipedia

To learn more about Pablo Picasso, see this on wikipedia or yet this biography on the site Artsy Website.


With the democratization of digital cameras and above SLR cameras, this mode of artistic expression is today a real essort and tend to become an art in itself. Today there are a large number of blogs, Facebook pages and Flickr groups dedicated to light painting. Evidenced by the multiple communication campaigns that use this technique.


Some examples more or less recent


Poster of the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, which was conducted in light painting by Brigitte Lacombe.


The site Osez Bordeaux (our hometown) that uses Light Painting throughout its photos and graphic scheme.


A simple example these could now be added a myriad of advertisements of all kinds that use this technique, fashion, high-tech and surtouot cars, the biggest brands now use Light Painting to showcase their products. Unfortunately, these brands are most often used to using Photoshop to achieve these clips, but this is not always the case ... as in the following video clip, for example.





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