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Welcome to Light Painting Addict Tutorial !

Inspired by our experiences and always moving, this tutorial is for all lovers of Light Painting Light Graffiti and without exception!

Whether you are in full discovery of this practice, looking for ideas to improve your skills, or just looking for material or information, this area of our site is for you.

Feel free to send us your opinions, your experiences, your comments, your remarks to enrich every day a little more ... 

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History of light painting

In: Introduction On: mercredi, février 25, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 28666
The light painting is not a recent phenomenon! But where does this practice comes from?

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What is light painting?

In: Introduction On: lundi, février 23, 2015 Comment: 0 Hit: 38295
Literally, the <<< i> Light Painting >> mean painting a picture with light. But then?

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