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My First Photo

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  Level: Beginner
Goal: Make my first Photo Light Painting

In this article we will guide you so that you can simply make your first shots. No specific theme, just happen to Light Painting as simply as possible.

To easily setup your device, please use the user manual. The DSLR camera are often complex to use, some parameters are only accessible by performing key combinations. Thus, you save time.


  •  Your device. Indeed...
  •  The user manual of your camera.
  •  A light source: flashlight, mobile phone, all you will find...
The scene
The easiest way is to place in almost total darkness. In your living room, for example, close the blinds and turn off all potential sources of light. Keep one lighted lamp nearby.
Focal & ISO
After installing the scene, set your camera. In the dark, a basic configuration is used: Focal F11 and ISO 400. With these settings, we will see all kinds of lights, even if they are not very powerful.
Exposure Time
One final parameter: the exposure time. We recommend you start with exposure times ranging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. Indeed, a reduced exposure time will not be affected by any ambient light. By contrast, over the exposure time lengthens, and the camera will capture the light, whatever expected or not.
Light still switched on, then install your unit facing the stage and adjust the framing. Prefer stable surfaces, it is better that he does not fall! Ideally, use a tripod.
A camera isn't designed to take pictures in the dark! Moreover, it is often impossible to focus automatically when the brightness is very low. The focus therefore remains a delicate passage when we do the Light Painting. In our case, this problem is very simple. Just do the focus when the light is on, then switch to manual mode to keep this configuration. Other solutions exist, we will study them later.

You are now ready to make your first picture! It'll play!! Turn off the lights, trigger the photo and during the exposure time, have fun by moving the light source you selected towards the camera, draw what you want. Let your imagination take over and enjoy this first results.

After the exposure time over, the photo that appears should track every movement you did in front of the camera. The result may not be perfect the first time, but if you see streaks of light is that you have succeeded !! Congratulations, you are now a Light Painter!


You get the idea ?? You already have tons of others ideas? Don't hold your creativity !! Do it! And above all, have fun !!


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