After 12 years of loyal service, we have decided to turn the page and refocus on other activities. The site is now closed, it is no longer possible to place orders.

Thank you all for your loyalty! May the light be with you!

About Us

Our business short story

It all began in 2010, a short period of unemployment I wanted to photography, especially in LightPainting. I had tons of ideas, a group of friends white-hot, but it seriously lacked equipment !! While the net was searched, Google returned, but could not find the right equipment in europe !! So we said that this was not normal, and quite something. 

Our goals

  • Quality products
  • Solutions for all
  • A concrete service customer

Our parking lot


Come all, we have lots of free places!

Yeah, it's a nervous breakdown, after weeks of hard work on this new site, it gets to this page ... whaaa, what can we do against a trainee in Prestashop (Hoping this photo is free of rights). Seriously, it looks like nothing ... let's keep it. 


If someone got something better, we publish!

A mesure qu'on est plus éclairé, on a moins de lumière.

Charles Joseph de Ligne

C’est la nuit qu’il est beau de croire à la lumière.

Edmond Rostand

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