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What accessories for what practices??

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Before we look at accessories and equipments specific to the Light Painting, begin by looking at the purely photographic accessories that will be useful in a Light Painting bag.


Remote Shutter Control

More than a comfort accessory, the remote control is the best way to control the triggering of the camera. When working alone or away from your camera, the interest of a remote trigger is obvious. Note that on some camera models, the remote control is the only way to work in "Bulb" mode.

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External Flashs

The flashes are much used to take Light Painting pictures, their uses are many and varied. Although most devices are equipped with flash, it is not always enough.

The flash can be used early in the shoot to fix the stage when you are in a very dark environment, before making light effects. But the use of external flash units offer even more opportunities, better distribution of lighting, better target area selection and especially to activate the flash several times during the shoot.

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When you realize long exposure pictures, it is better that the camera does not move !! Whether one is indoors or outdoors, it is not always possible to put his camera properly, the use of a tripod is inevitable. Tripods exists in all sizes, all shapes and prices, choose it according to your needs and your budget.

Some additional small accessories can prove useful, such as ball head and spirit levels.

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Inevitable accessories all lovers of photography, filters are used to achieve very specific effects. Different types of filters can be used to make Light Painting.

ND Filters
Mounted directly on the lens, ND filters are really useful for Light Painting. They are used to reduce the sensitivity of light and therefore increase the time of exposure. Their use is extremely useful when working with ambient light.
Filters for Flash
Installed ahead the flash, these filters allow you to change the color of the light produced by the flash. Easy to use, these filters allow quick coloring large areas or freeze an object with any color.
Gelatin, or other films of colors, is very useful for making patterns of color that serve as buffers. It can also be used to change the color of the lamps and flashes.
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